P!nk has proved that she’s just like any mother of a teenage girl after revealing the relatable reason why her daughter shaved her hair off.

12-year-old Willow debuted her new look during her Mum’s Australian Summer Carnival shows, joining her on stage to perform their song ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’.

In a TikTok from one of her shows in New Zealand last week, the ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer explained that ‘contrary to popular belief’, the hairstyle was not her idea.

“I made the mistake of complimenting her beautiful long hair, and so she shaved it off” she laughed.



@P!NK showing us shes just human and a mother of a teen girl lol #pink #pinksummercarnival #summercarnivaltour #willowhart #pinksdaughterwillow

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“I was living vicariously through my children and their hair” she explained.

People fled to the comments to express their love for the singer, noting how relatable the situation was.

“Just remembering myself as a teen I probably would’ve done this too” one person wrote, while another said “she’s so relatable even tho I’m not a mom”.

We’re loving the new look Willow!

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