No matter how hard you’ve been trying to avoid it, ‘Megxit’ has been one mess to another, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have set about separating themselves from the British Royal family, and the British press have been eating them alive for it (even though they seem to have given Prince Andrew a free pass??), all going back to when the Sussexes posted an announcement of their departure on Instagram, apparently without consulting the Queen first.

Since the Sussexes made their intention to move to North America clear, brands have been chomping at the bit to get a piece of them, meaning their escape from the press might be short-lived. Best of all, Burger King offered him a part time job flipping burgs.

Making the offer on Twitter, the image of the prince trading royal garb for a stained apron and a spatula in a small-town Canadian Burger King is tantalising. With his wife supposedly receiving huge offers for work from brands like Disney, I don’t think they’ll exactly be in need of part time cash. Who knows though, if they’re looking to disappear from the public eye, maybe the burger-flipping shift work is exactly what he wants?


With his Invictus Games for wounded, injured and sick veterans already booked in as far ahead as 2022, it looks like he’ll be busy for a while yet with remaining duties.


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