In Kyle’s line of work he comes across a number of people in the psychic and medium profession. We’ve spoken to the Hollywood Psychic Tyler Henry, we have a regular segment with our snap-predictor GG and even Jackie reckons she has a hint of psychic ability.

And so a number of times Kyle has asked the professionals to help him connect with his father who sadly passed away two years ago. Many have been unsuccessful but the one person who has come close to making contact is psychic medium John Edward.

John joined Kyle and Jackie on air this morning for a chat when Kyle brought up the time that John had tried to reach his dad straight after he passed.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about my father who’s been passed now two years and when he first passed, you were like hey, I’m not getting anything, he’s just gone over, maybe he’s busy,” said Kyle.

John remembered that he hadn’t been able to speak to Kyle’s dad, but he reminded Kyle that he kept seeing an image of a red mustang at the end of that chat. And it wasn’t until right at this moment that Kyle finally worked out that John had actually made a connection with his dad!

“I remember this succinctly because it was at the end of something we were talking about and I was like, I was seeing like a rebuilt red mustang or a rebuilt red car,” explained John.

Kyle was in disbelief because at the time the car hadn’t really meant anything to him and he couldn’t think of a way that it represented his late father. Until now.


“Oh sorry, now I know what that is! Because he had a picture of the red mustang in his garage, he always wanted a mustang and he never got one,” explained Kyle in shock. But now I bought a mustang, which I’m going to redo.”

While Kyle was making this realisation on air, the producers found a photo of Kyle’s dad and displayed it in the studio. It was at this point that John managed to form another connection, and it was actually rather sweet.

“Do you have a stepfather who’s also passed?” asked John. Kyle confirmed that he did. “There’s three men hanging out together…so like your dad, your step father and I would say one of their brothers. So it’s almost like you have the three musketeers, kind of like hanging out together.”

John also revealed that he thinks that these three family members have a greater purpose in this other dimension. He said that he could feel them looking after someone who might not have made it here.

“I do think that one of them has what I would see as maybe an energy that didn’t make it here,” explained John. “Like sometimes when somebody miscarries or a pregnancy that doesn’t happen, those energies stay in our orbit so I feel like there’s a child that didn’t make it here who’s with one of them like a grand child.”

This once again connected to Kyle as many people would know that he has suffered through the devastation of losing a child-to-be after his ex-partner had a miscarriage many years ago. In the touching moment, John explained that Kyle’s family was taking care of the unborn child.


“It’s like their way of saying that energies that don’t make it here, they’re still part of like our soul family and the fabric of our soul family,” explained John.

As for where there’s souls actually are, John explained that he understands it in a similar way to the internet in the sense that it’s something that’s there but you can’t see it.

“I say it’s like the internet. Like where’s the internet? It’s a dimension that you can’t go to with the physical body, but like where actually is it? It’s a conceptual place thats electronic in nature, this is energetic in nature.”

You can go and see John Edward work his magic for yourself at one of his shows live in Sydney in October later this year.