As it turns out, Rachael’s still not over being asked to leave The Bachelor mansion.

After having been evicted from The Bachelor last night, the 23-year old fitness trainer showed how she really feels about this year’s Bachelor.

Her eviction came mid cocktail party after Matt found out that she had given her number to one of the crew members as a ‘Plan B’ in case things don’t work out on the show.

She appeared on Studio 10 with fellow evictee Nikki, and didn’t have any room for compliments.

“I’ll just leave it with a simple one,” she said with a grin on her face before looking at the cardboard cutout of Matt.

“F***ing dog!”


Studio 10 host Sarah Harris went into a panic and frantically yelled “Whoa, whoa, whoa, you cannot say that on TV girl.”

“We better wrap this up”

Rachael was evicted from the show last night after Matt approached her about the subject.


Here’s hoping Plan B worked out for you Rachael!

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