A while back, Rebel told Vogue Australia that she would 100% consider doing the Aussie version of The Bachelorette because she reckons it would be awesome to have a bunch of suitors vying for your attention.

“I’d totally do the Bachelorette,” she said at the time. “But it would probably ruin my international film career. Wouldn’t it be fun, someone to select male suitors for you.”

Despite have some reservations, Rebel seems to send a message to The Bachelorette producers every single time that she speaks to the Kyle and Jackie O show!

When Kyle & Jackie O spoke to Rebel earlier this year, she told us that her love life was pretty active and that it was very similar to The Bachelorette.

“It’s kind of like The Bachelorette but nobody filming it,” she joked with us at the time. “Which I wish they would. I offered Channel 10 to do it, but I had a pretty high price tag.”


And it seems she’s STILL trying to get Channel 10’s attention! Speaking with Kyle Jackie O today, Rebel reiterated once more that she wants to take on the challenge of handing out some roses.

“I’m waiting to go on the Australian version of The Bachelorette,” she stated.

“So does that mean you are still single then?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah, I keep putting it out there but they haven’t called me up yet,” she continued.

Oh come on Network 10! A Rebel Wilson season would be HILARIOUS! We can just imagine her showing up to the cocktail party and teaching all the guys how to mermaid dance and run horizontally.

Rebel went on to tell us exactly what to expect if she just so happened to be chosen for the reality dating show.


“I would take it very seriously,” she said.

“What kind of guy would you be looking for? Like if you said to Channel 10, ‘these are the kind of guys I want you serve up’,’ Jackie asked.

“Like former Rugby players. I like physical strength… I’m not into skinny guys.”

Oh maybe Rebel would’ve liked The Honey Badger! Though we think she’s also looking for someone up for a bit more commitment than he could offer…

What are you waiting for Channel 10! Get this girl some roses, STAT!