In case you’ve been living under a rock, literally every news outlet has been reporting since the start of this season of The Bachelor that Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins ends up with none of the girls in the end and instead goes back to an ex.

And while more and more evidence has come forward over the past few weeks pointing to this devastating ending, it now seems that this ‘ex’ was much closer to this season of The Bachelor than we ever expected.


New reports are suggesting that the larrikin Bachelor pulls a Blake Garvey and allegedly DUMPS the winning girl for one of the other contestants that he had sent home in a previous episode.

In case you’re unaware what the term ‘pulling a Blake Garvey’ refers to, it’s a reference to the second season of The Bachelor Australia when Blake proposed to Aussie sweetheart Sam Frost before abruptly dumping her to start a relationship with runner up Louise Pillidge.

And well, according to the rumours, in this scenario it seems that Nick can’t stop thinking about the latest evictee Cassandra Wood and reportedly tries crawling back to her after dumping the winner.

An unnamed source told NW Magazine on Monday that the Bachelor changes his mind pretty quickly about the rumoured winner and current front runner, Brittany Hockley.


“Nick felt compelled to let Cassie go after Britt’s hometown date”, claimed the source. “The pressure was on for him to prove that Cass wasn’t planted on the show for him, and he made a rash decision – but it wasn’t a decision that he sincerely wanted to make.”

The insider also claimed that Cass was willing to take Nick back, despite the fact that he dumped her on national TV, saying that they will debut their romance after the finale airs this week.

“It’s going to be intense – but they’re happy,” alleged the source.


This comes after Nick and Cass’ relationship sparked controversy throughout the mansion after it was revealed that they dated before the show.

Cass appeared to be infatuated with Nick the entire season and she was devastated when she didn’t receive a rose from Nick last week. But if these reports are true, it seems The Honey Badger has since had a change of heart.

This comes as Nick Cummins has left the country right before the Bachelor finale airs this week, heading to Papua New Guinea to walk the Kokoda Track, meaning that he will not be in the country to do the usual media rounds with his winner.

Is this just bad timing or has the trip been strategically planned so that Nick can avoid the awkward interviews after allegedly dumping his winner? Hmm we guess we’ll have to wait and see!

The Bachelor finishes up this week with episodes on Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm.

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