They say never mix business with pleasure, but looks like Aussie superstar Ricki-Lee is the exception to the rule.

Ricki is actually married to her current manager, Richard Harrison, and has been since 2015.

Chatting with Kyle and Jackie O about what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone that she also has to work on her career with, Ricki revealed the pros and cons about it.

The biggest pro? Ricki joked that the best part is that she doesn’t have to pay him a percentage of her earnings like your average manager!

And the con? He’s always the first to be brutally honest with his feedback, which can certainly be a tough pill to swallow when it comes from someone you love.


In a way though, Ricki said that it’s definitely better to have someone in your team that will always be honest with you rather than someone that just tells you what you want to hear.

And all in all, she gushed that Richard is always her husband first and her manager second, and that’s what she loves about him.

“I hit the jackpot with him,” Ricki-Lee said.

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