Adelaide’s Kelli Foran had her dreams come true when she was pulled up on stage by superstar Robbie Williams, who serenaded her in front of hundreds of people at his Las Vegas show.

Kelli – who called home from Las Vegas Airport – was sitting in the front row when she was spotted by the Angels singer.

“He looked out at me and said hello there, you’re looking very lovely tonight,” she recalled on-air this morning.

“I thought all my Christmases had come true at the moment and he serenaded me with a song, and then asked me to come up on stage with him.”

Talk about a dream come true!

Kelli went on to confirm that yes – he is as good looking in real life!

“He’s sexy as. When he stares at you with those eyes, when he sings to you, there’s just no way to  describe it; it’s breathtaking.”


Jodie then asked the biggest, most pressing question: the one that everyone wanted to know!

“Does he smell good?” she asked.

“He smells divine; he smells like an angel,” Kelli confirmed.

Jodie and Soda also spoke to Kelli’s friend Ollie who was sitting in the back row, when her pal was pulled up on stage.

“I got my phone out and I started taping her – I tried to hold it still for her!” Ollie said.

What a good friend!


You can watch Ollie’s video at the top of the page.