Remember this iconic movie?

Let’s be real, we were all obsessed over Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging back in 2008. We’d never related so much to a character as much as we did with Georgia – the embarrassingly clumsy British teen with a massive crush on a guy named Tom. She was basically the Bridget Jones of our generation.

Admit it – we were all Georgia. 

Well, it turns out Georgia’s love life truly did blossom… in the form of Ron Weasley!

Ron Weasley and Georgia Nicolson who literally dressed as a stuffed olive for a fancy dress party are dating. Not even kidding!


It’s true – Rupert Grint, 30, and Georgia Groome, 26, are an item… and have been for seven years!

Last year, Grint confirmed the relationship with the Evening Standard stating that he likes “hanging out with his girlfriend of seven years, actress Georgia Groome.” Um, what?!

Mind literally blown.