The one thing that automatically comes to mind when you hear the name Russell Coight, is his clothing.

That akubra hat and khaki shirt and shorts have become just about as iconic as his name and so Kyle was happy to hear that when Russell heads back to TV on his show All Aussie Adventures that his fashion sense hasn’t changed one bit.

“You haven’t changed your outfit, you’ve been true to your fashion sense, you love the khaki, are you still rocking the shorts?” asked Kyle when Russell joined him and Jackie on the show this morning.

Russell confirmed that after a decade in the wilderness he hasn’t changed his fashion sense one bit and in fact he’s improved upon it. So much so that he’s actually decided to head into the fashion biz himself!

But if you think that Russell is planning on releasing his own line of khaki shorts or bushwalking boots you’d be highly mistaken. In fact, Russ is going in a bit more of a, ugh…salacious direction!

“What I’m excited about with the outfit, and this is exciting, you’ll love this, because I like to wear a G-string…you may have seen me in other episodes where I’ve worn it,” explained Russell. “I am releasing it commercially.”

And these aren’t going to be any regular G-strings that’s for sure! Nope, they’re going to have their own all Aussie spin on them.


“I’m having them imported from Germany, they’re 100% artificial croc skin…and they come in three sizes…ein, klein and schlong and they’re available at all good petrol stations!”

Well boy they must be good if they’re stocking them at the local servo! Just pair them up with a pair of speed-dealer sunnies, a Powerade and a meat pie and you’re ready to go!

All Aussie Adventures starring Russell Coight (and his croc-skin G-string) returns to channel Ten for a third series at 7:30pm this Sunday.

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