In the spirit of all of our favourite shows getting their second chance at life with a reboot – Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls and now even Gossip Girl – it seems there’s a possibility for a revival of an Aussie cult favourite show!

Are you ready to head back to St Kilda with your fav cast of friends?

It seems that naughties series ‘The Secret Life Of Us’ could get itself a reboot!

The Aussie drama originally ran for four seasons from 2001 to 2005 and starred a number of actors and actresses who have made it big in the biz since the show ended.

It followed a group of friends living in the same apartment block as they dealt with various relationships, careers and other personal subject matters. Basically it was an Aussie version of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Aussie actor Samuel Johnson this morning, who played Evan Wylde on the show, when he revealed that it’s certainly a possibility!


“Would you ever do a ‘The Secret Life Of Us’ reboot?” Kyle asked. “Because everyone’s rebooting.

“SeaChange is coming back,” Kyle added in reference to another Aussie classic.

“You know what everything comes back around,” Samuel responded. “Just start wearing flares and they’ll come back around too. Everything comes back around doesn’t it Kyle. “

“Claudia Karavan, would she do it do you think?” Jackie asked about his former costar who played Dr. Alex Christensen.

“If she did it, I’d do it,” Samuel replied.


“You guys should seriously consider doing it,” Jackie added.

The show also starred Deborah Mailman, Abi Tucker, Joel Edgerton and Sibylla Budd.

But Samuel admitted that if a reboot were to work, they’d have to bring the whole cast back together, which could prove diffcult this long on.

“We’d have to get Joel Edgerton back from the States and that would be tough,” Samuel continued. “It’d be great to get him back.”


Well we guess anything’s possible! Who would LOVE to see this show get a revival?