Instructor Ollie Ollerton from SAS Australia has spoken to about the new hit Channel 7 reality show.

Revealing the top 3 contestants he was ‘most disappointed in,’ Ollerton felt these celebrities could have given more to the show.

“To be honest, I expected more from Eden (Dally)… I just felt he had more to give. I was a little bit disappointed with his efforts.”

The second celebrity he mentions was “The girl who lied… I’ve forgotten her name… Arabella (Del Busso).”

“That SAS Australia process would have done her the world of good, but I think she’s got a fair few demons that pushed her over the edge and kept her from going any further.”

The final star probably comes as absolutely no surprised, Roxy Jacenko.

“Roxy was horrendous from the outset,” he told the online publication, which had got him into some hot water now because Roxy’s pulled some receipts on her Instagram!


Calling him out for telling the press he was ‘disappointed’ in her performance when in actual fact he was in her DMs telling her she did a good job and even trying to pitch a business idea to her!

“Be proud, people have no idea what the reality is like, amplified by injury x,” Ollerton wrote to her.

Bit rude to then interview telling everyone she ‘was horrendous from the outset’!

I got my eye on you Ollerton.





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