Listener Ben was working in the street where the devastating murder of Hannah Clarke and her children took place and he has been battling with the post-traumatic stress involved with what he saw ever since.

Chief Instructor of SAS Australia, Ant Middleton, is a former soldier who has dealt with his fair share of trauma. To cope with what he’s dealt with, Ant has written several motivational books and shares his experience on television to inspire and help those dealing with similar situations.

Robin, Terry & Bob met Ben when giving away tickets to Ant Middleton’s show, which was when he opened up about how Ant has helped change his life as he tries to cope with the events he witnessed.

We decided to surprise Ben during our chat with Ant, take a listen to the heart-warming moment here:


Ant Middleton’s ‘Mind Over Muscle Tour” will be on at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on Friday 9th of July. You can get your tickets here.


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