Prime Minister Scott Morrison knows political talk. 

But it was very interesting to watch him soften when Bianca asked a personal but pertinent question. 

Bee wanted to know what advice ScoMo had to her in regards to IVF – considering our own Prime Minister and his wife Jenny opted to use IVF when trying to conceive one of their children. 

“Stay close to each other – that’s the main thing – as a couple,” Morrison told Bianca. 

“It puts enormous stress [on you], I mean I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife, we’ve been together since we were 16.

“After 14 years we had Abbey and we went through ten – or thereabouts – treatments. I know it’s hard, it’s incredibly hard.


“For all those out there who struggle with this, I get it. I know one of the things you don’t want to hear is who had children and all the rest of it… 

“My advice to anyone going through it is stay close to each other and support each other because that’s what matters.”

Morrison was then lucky enough to have two more ‘miracle’ daughters naturally. But not everyone is so lucky. 

Bianca recently opened up about how she miscarried at nine weeks after her first round of IVF with her partner Jay. 


We’ll continue to support Bee and follow her journey in her own time.