We got the Prime Minister Scott Morrison hot under the collar this morning when he spoke live with Bianca, Mike and Bob. 

While we started with the obligatory ‘netflix and chill’ question, it was talk of a parliamentary prayer room that perhaps made him blush. 

Earlier this week Bianca, Mike and Bob spoke to I’m A Celeb evictee Sam Dastyari about how a prayer room in Canberra is often used for sex as there are no cameras installed. 

When questioned on it, ScoMo wasn’t as eager to talk about it. 

“Only someone who scrapes along the bottom of the chum bucket would know that,” the PM said of Dastyari’s claims. 

However the comments had a lasting impact on the interview, with ScoMo evidently stumbling through some of the next questions. 


Things got super awkward when he referred to former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s wife as Julie – her name is Lucy… 


Thankfully he was still a good sport and has promised to bring in his homemade curry next time he’s in town. 

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