It was pretty clear that the Big Brother housemates were getting a bit sick of Angela Clancy while they were in the house, and now it seems that this rift has continued on the outside.

While we’re first to stand up for Queen Angelicious because honestly she was such good entertainment and was actually playing the game, her fellow housemates are well and truly over her recent behaviour.

Daily Mail Australia has obtained screenshots from a secret Big Brother group chat that appears to have taken place on Instagram between this year’s housemates.

In the messages, several of the housemates have been seen taking aim at Angela over a recent interview that she did with Channel Seven, where she was asked to rate her fellow housemates.

Angela didn’t hold back, describing Garth as the “village gossiper”, Daniel as “useless” and Casey as “boring”.


Of course this didn’t sit well with her fellow housemates as Dan shared a link to the article in their group chat.

“Good little read, appreciate the support Ang,” Dan said with a thumbs up emoji. “Just a f**king low shot for no reason… So disappointing.”

Ian also replied to the messages, but attempted to be the peacemaker in this situation, saying that if people had issues with each other, they should private message rather than put it all in the group chat.

But no one else seemed to agree. Casey simply reacted with the word, “wow” while the person only identified as Instagrammer wrote “ahaha jeez I only just got all the knives outta my back yesterday”.


“Angela, this is all really mean, I’m so disappointed,” Garth responded next.

“I Don’t want an issue with you but this show isn’t all about you. What you had said is soooo disappointing. Whilst I had an issue with 1-2 people in the house I have never smeared them in the interview I have had.”

Angela then replied, saying that he comments were taken out of context in the interview.

“Garth if you choose to believe everything you read it’s up to you,” she said.


But Garth hit back again with, “Wake up Angela because it’s time to listen, you are a nasty b**ch.

Looks like it’s not one big happy family on the outside for all of the Big Brother contestants…

You can see all of the screenshots here.

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