Robin Terry & Bob’s secret sound Of Brisbane has tens of thousands in cash to be won!


Keep listening for the latest clues and check back here for all the updated clues!


One Moving Part: Part of this is stationary, the other part is moving.

Similar But Different: Things that can exist in the same world but are definitely not the same.

Heat: Heat is often around the items involved.


Doesn’t need lubricating: There is movement but this sound won’t cause anything to cease up

Controller: To make this noise you would be the Controller.

Needs replacing sometimes: One of these can break, the other can go missing.

Not Rare: You’ll find this stuff in most homes, office and schools.

Nothing Soft: As expected, everything is hard.

– Check The Wrong Guesses Really Closely: Some previous answers may have been close to the $20,000.


– Back and Foward: Its movement is in a straight line.

All In the Kitchen

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