It’s barely been a month since YOU dropped its’ second season on Netflix, but just weeks after star Penn Badgley nearly let it slip early, we have official confirmation that a third season on the way.

After giving us all confused feelings about psychopath Joe Goldberg (Badgley), the second season left off with way too many questions, but we shouldn’t have too long to wait before we get a few answers.

Season 2 Spoilers below, obviously!

While some answers will have to wait until the new season, Penn Badgley has given bits and pieces away in the aftermath of the new season. Speaking with Bustle, Badgley confirmed that the mysterious woman at the end of the latest season is “definitely not [Joe’s] Mum…I can say that”, putting to bed one popular theory.

With Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) pregnant, the start of the new season is bound to be wild. We don’t have a date for the new season just yet but if it’s as fast as the turnaround last season it shouldn’t be long!


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