Amy Sheppard from Brisbane band Sheppard (Geronimo, Coming Home) discusses her role in the body positivity movement on Instagram and and upcoming projects for Sheppard… including their 4th studio album!

Amy also talks about Sheppard’s new charity single ‘Phoenix’ – raising money for RFF and Wires.

After seeing the devastation that the Australian bushfires were causing on a national level, Sheppard immediately entered the studio, and began working on the band’s first single of the year, with the sole purpose of donating all profits from the track.

‘Phoenix’ – the band’s first release of 2020 – discusses the resilience of the Australian people and the nation’s ability to rise from the ashes. The profits from ‘Phoenix’ will be donated to two Australian charities- Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal, a not-for-profit organisation focusing on rural, regional & remote communities, and Wires, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation.

Listen below:

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