Things got a little fiery in studio between Bianca and Mike as they went head to head in the great debate after eight. 

The topic? 

Organ Donation should only be for people who choose to donate themselves… 

While Bianca argued that access to organs should be universal, regardless of if you want to be an organ donor yourself. Mike had a slightly different approach. 

he claims only people who have opted in to be organ donors if they ever unfortunately lost their life should be able to be given access to an organ transplant.

The aim would be to increase the number of people opting in, but also reducing the number of people eligible for organ donations and hopefully being able to reduce waiting lists etc. 

But we were all gobsmacked when we heard the story of caller Susan, who arrived home from work one afternoon to find her partner brain dead on the floor of their home. 


It was her actions next, and ability to convince her partner’s parents of the amazing gift that organ donation is that led to her personal tragedy helping save the lives of ten other people. 

We can’t thank Susan enough for sharing this raw, candid and deeply personal story this morning… 

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