After announcing his split from ex-wife of 30 years, Rebecca Riggs, the Aussie ‘Mentalist’ star has moved onto a new woman 15 years younger than him!

Simon Baker, most known for his performance as ‘Patrick Jane’ in the Australian-wide show ‘The Mentalist’, has been seen in a handsy-PDA session at the Beach with model Laura May Gibbs.

The most shocking part of this all was that they were married for 30 years, and the actor was able to move onto a new, younger woman in just 2- months!

Baker and Rigg met when they were both in the Aussie soap ‘E-Street’ in 1991, where they later married in 1998.


Baker had called her “The greatest woman any man could ever hope to make a life with” in 2015.

What are your thoughts on Simon Baker moving on so quickly?

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