Goodbye social life, hello hibernation season.

Sims 4 is now officially available for free on both Mac and PC, all thanks to Origin.

*Screams in Smimlish*

The free download, which is normally retailed at around $40, is available once you sign into Origin, and click “Get it Free”.

Voila! You’ve got Sims 4 for free. And no, you don’t need a Origin Access Basic or Premier subscription to claim it. 

So, prepare to dive head first into a realm of nostalgia, woohoo-ing and ‘motherlode’ codes, but remember, you only have until May 28 to get it for free. Don’t worry though because once it’s downloaded, it’ll still be yours for free once the promotion ends. 


It’s important to note that this version is only the base come and won’t come with any of the expansion packs (i.e. Sims 4: Get Famous, Sims 4: Seasons) but you know what? Free is free, and nothing feels better than getting something for free.

Rosebud, kaching, motherlode. 
Motherlode, rosebud, kaching. 

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