Well we’re not really surprised by this news but apparently some of the Big Brother housemates have been revealed as secret actors.

The two housemates, one of which is queen of the house and the other has been surprisingly quiet with very little air time so far, have had their acting backgrounds exposed, according to Daily Mail.

According to the publication, the two housemates in question are 22-year-old Talia Rycroft and 23-year-old Xavier Molyneaux.

Xavier has barely made a peep on this season of Big Brother so far, but according to IMDB he recently finished filming an independent movie called ‘Aussie of the Year’.

In the film he played the lead role of Jack Barnes which reportedly finished filming back in January.


The 23-year-old based in Sydney has been listed as a medic on Big Brother’s social media.

Talia on the other hand has listed herself as an actor on the website ’StarNow’ which is often used by casting agents and producers to find talent, despite telling housemates that she works as a tradie in Adelaide.

It’s not really surprising though that there’s people in the house with acting aspirations and to be honest we really wouldn’t be shocked if there’s more of them.

Of course, if you are going to go on a reality show as an actor, this is the one to go on seeing as it’s not a dating show or anything like that. In fact, the better you can act and deceive people, the further you’ll probably go! So maybe it will work out in their favour.


Big Brother continues next week at 7:30pm on Channel 7!

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