One thing we’re known to do quite often on the Kyle and Jackie O show is pimp out our good friend Sophie Monk as we’re constantly trying to set her up with any eligible bachelor that we meet.

There was of course the whole Ryan Gallagher situation and of course all of the Love Island guys who thought she was a real looker, but today when Sophie came on the show she told us that it had to come to an end.

And no it’s not because she didn’t appreciate our help in turning our show into a mini version of The Bachelorette, it was because she was no longer on the market!

It all came about when Kyle asked Sophie about her relationship status. She revealed that she was not single anymore!

“Are you single now? What’s your status?” asked Kyle.

“Oh it’s weird actually…but weird good,” revealed Sophie.

She then went on to explain how she met the lucky fella, who yep she admitted she now calls her boyfriend! It turns out that romance didn’t blossom for Soph while she was overseas doing Love Island or filming a new travel show, but it did happen out of the blue on the plane back home!


“So yeah I was travelling heaps…and then I was just so exhausted when I got on the plane home, my hair extensions were falling out like out of control, like I had a buzz cut…anyway I’m getting on the plane and I sit next to this random.”

Now we bet you’re thinking naawww what an adorable meet cute! But this is kind of where the story gets a bit weird! But good weird, as Soph said before.

“So we had a few campaigns and anyway I was talking to this guy and he was so charming and funny and he had no idea what I did…and anyway I was sitting there for a while and I went, ‘hey um, are you single?’ and he goes ‘yeah’.

“And I went, ‘I never get to meet people in normal scenarios and um, can I kiss you?”

YEP! She pulled a Rhiannon from last night’s episode of the Bachelorette! But in this case, it actually worked in her favour and they ended up making out for HOURS!

And next thing you know, they’ve got labels and are now boyfriend and girlfriend and everything! Despite the fact that they haven’t seen each other since the plane ride ended…


But ya know, as long as our girl is happy we’re happy! Hear Sophie explain the full story in the video above!

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