Although Australia’s Love Island has only been on air for a few weeks there’s already been tons of relationship drama going down on the island of Mallorca over in Spain.

We’ve seen such a broad mixture of flirting, fights, break-ups and hook-ups that it’s almost been too hard to keep up!

And so who better to help us get a better understanding of who’s still tuning who and who’s still completely single than the woman hosting the whole damn show, Sophie Monk. After all she has access to ALL of the filming monitors 24/7 so if anyone’s likely to have the inside scoop, it’s definitely her.

One thing that Jackie really wanted to know when Sophie called up the show this morning was who had gotten down to business in the house so far. We haven’t seen too much under the sheet action on the reality show so far but we of course assume that it’s happening, especially with some of the more solid couples.

“Who has actually had sex in the villa?” asked Jackie. “Well we know that Erin and Eden have, but who’s had it in the bedroom with everyone else in there?”


“I’m watching it like you guys, but I’m assuming that three couples have,” revealed Sophie.

But this really opened up more questions than it answered. So far, the only real couples in the house are Erin and Eden, and Grant and Tayla. So of course we knew that Sophie was referring to these couples, but who was the third?

Sophie said that she couldn’t name names, but she did give away a massive clue.

“What do you think, one girl was so upset…I’m guessing maybe,” revealed Sophie. “Maybe, I don’t know for sure. Honestly I’ve watched it like you guys, but you know how you can tell with girls? If they get really upset it’s usually because they’ve had sex.”

Of course what Sophie is referring to on the sly here is the fact that Cassidy was so heartbroken and upset when Grant left her for Tayla. Sophie was basically saying that the only reason she would assume a girl to be THAT upset after seeing a guy for just a week was if they had slept together. And Jackie agreed.


“I think you’re right Sophie, I picked up on that. I reckon that they did have sex,” said Jackie.

Well if that’s true that just makes us feel even more sorry for poor Cassidy! And it also makes us feel like we’ve never met someone who suits their last name more than Grant does…in case you didn’t know, it’s Crapp.

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