It might have been a long eight years since the final episode of The Hills and a lot of our main characters are definitely not the BFFs that they used to be, but it seems that this could be the next big show heading for a reboot.

A revival of the hit reality TV show is something that’s been rumoured and hinted for a long time now but nothing ever came from it. But if one of the main personalities from the series, Spencer Pratt, has anything to say about it, a reboot is of the hit show is definitely on the cards!

In fact, while speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning during a Cost Of Love Segment with his wife and fellow The Hills star Heidi Pratt, Spencer said that it’s actually a real possibility for MTV seeing as their other reboots have been going so well.

“What about the rumours of a Hills reboot, is there actually any chance of that happening?” asked Jackie.

“Thank God for Jersey Shore doing so amazing, I feel like if there was ever a chance it was happening I think Jersey Shore put into the universe the possibilities of that,” revealed Spencer.

And it turns out that no one really wants a reboot to happen more than Spencer does! He went on to say that he’s actually been talking to MTV about making it happen.

“Trust me, I’ve been calling the network everyday for eight years,” he admitted. “Everything is so positive right now. I mean it’s just the network’s doing so great.”



OMG how exciting! We are definitely keen to see what all of our favourite The Hills stars have been up to over the years!

While the page is still unwritten in regards to which of the cast members could possibly return or what the show would actually follow, we do know that if it happens, Spencer and Heidi’s first stop will be to the Kyle and Jackie O here in Australia!

“Here’s the deal, if The Hills god-willing does get rebooted and we become famous again, we will come to Australia for the first time and go straight to you guys’ studio,” said Spencer.

Well prepare the Jet Speidi, and get negotiating with the network because we need to see this happen! Who else would love to see a reboot of The Hills?

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