If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, we’ve got some good news for you!

A report conducted by College Rover, a US website that matches students to college courses, has revealed that Taylor Swift fans happen to be some of the smartest.

The study revealed that Taylor Swift is the top star listened to by students with high GPAs, which is the US system of grading.

This means that the study confirmed what we’ve thought all along, some of the most smart and intelligent people listen to Taylor Swift.

The research examined what Spotify ‘study’ playlists students listened to while studying, and found that Taylor Swift was also the most listened to artist while studying.

Just behind Swift, The Weeknd comes in second, SZA third and Harry Styles comes in fourth place.

If you want to read more about the research College Rover conducted, you can find it on their website here.


If you wanna feel a little smarter today, take a listen to Taylor Swift’s radio on iHeart Radio below!


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