Swifties are fuming after a ‘selfish’ woman listed one of Taylor Swift’s iconic 22 hats, that was gifted to her younger sister, on Ebay for $20,000.

Jeana Linzy went to The Eras Tour concert in New Jersey back in May 2023, where her younger sister was chosen at random to receive the signed hat from Taylor during her performance of ’22’.

A Swiftie found the listing, titled ‘Taylor Swifts Worn On Stage 22 Eras Tour Signed Hat From Met Life Stadium’ and shared a screenshot to X, Twitter, writing ‘Ugh I hate people!!!’.

The news sent Swifties into a fury, with one writing ‘Seeing this ruined my day’, while another said ‘People like this don’t deserve tickets to a show – much less the 22 hat.’

The listing starts the bidding at $20,000 USD, which is supposedly to go towards her ‘collage fund’.


In true Swiftie fashion, fans were concerned the listing was an attempt to scam someone and let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be completely surprised.

A fan reached out to Linzy, alerting her to the ‘sketchy’ listing and asking whether she was aware someone was trying to scam people.

Linzy then responded with ‘Yes that is our listing thank you’.

The Swifties were too stunned to speak.


Some people have defended her decision, with many people noting that the family might really need the money and not to judge.

We just have a few questions whether the younger sister, who was the one to receive the hat, is aware of all this…

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