It’s International Taco Day on the 4th of October… there really is a day for everything isn’t there?

Anyway INTERNATIONAL TACO DAY means one thing, keeping an eye out on all taco eateries in Brisbane for any specials…

And obviously my eyes veered towards Taco Bell and I was not disappointed!

They’re doing tacos, but with fried chicken as the shell… Yeah, you heard me.

The chicken IS the shell!

If this peaks your interest then head over to one of Brisbane’s 10 locations this Sunday 4th October.


The Naked Chicken Taco will go for $7.95 solo or $12.95 in a meal deal and will only be available until October 19th.

The first 500 people to order on International Taco Day will even get a free pair of these ADORABLE Taco Bell socks.

Restaurant locations can be found here!