It’s Kyle and Jackie O’s first show back on air after their winter break and we kicked things off with a bang by hosting the one reunion that all of Australia wanted. The Love Island Australia reunion!

Our studio was jam-packed with the gang travelling far and wide to be here to give us all of the goss. And we wanted to know EVERYTHING!! Who’s still together? What’s been happening since leaving Spain? What important things did we miss from the villa? And of course, we got all of that and MUCH more!

Kyle and Jackie couldn’t have been more excited to hit their favourite reality TV contestants with all of the hard questions. Up first in the hot seat was Grant and Tayla, the winners of the show.

Grant and Tayla famously got together in an explosive recoupling towards the beginning of the show when Grant was still with his former flame Cassidy. Since then, they turned into one of the most loved up couples on the show with Grant even giving Tayla a commitment ring and asking her to be his official girlfriend.

It’s fair to say that they were in a it of a romantic bubble, but little did Tayla know that a storm was circling outside the villa as it quickly became public knowledge, or at least one massive rumour, that Grant actually had a girlfriend on the outside.


Today, Kyle and Jackie decided that it was time to get to the bottom of this rumour. After all, if Grant and Tayla were so in love then surely this talk of another woman had to be fabricated. Right?

“So that whole thing about Grant having a girlfriend is not the case right?”, asked Jackie.

NOPE! IT WAS TRUE!! Tayla confirmed it herself and she said that she was so shocked by the news that it’s caused a massive problem for them in their relationship since leaving Love Island.

“He did going into the house,” said Tayla. And you could almost see the smoke blowing out of her ears as she explained the situation to us. “Obviously we are still together, we’re trying to work through it, because obviously that was some exciting news to find out as I left the Villa.”


Things were starting to feel a bit awkward and tense in studio at this stage. But Kyle pushed on and asked Mr Crapp to explain himself. Had he broken up with this girlfriend before heading to Spain?

“She was well aware of obviously what was happening,” answered Grant. So we take that as a no then…

From what we could gather, it seems that Grant’s Mrs on the outside was under the impression that they would still be together if Grant came out of the villa without finding love. But of course he did find love with Tayla!

Boy oh boy this girl must’ve been PISSED watching the show unfold! We imagine it was somewhat of a Legally Blonde moment…



But she wasn’t the only mad one. Tayla told us that she seriously considered ending things with Grant after finding out about his secret girlfriend.

“Did you think about splitting up at that point?” asked Jackie. “Yeah it went through my mind for sure, admitted Tayla. “Obviously coming out and finding out that information it was a big shock to the system and it was like okay well, do you actually love me?

“And we obviously spoke through it…but yeah, we’re trying to rebuild the trust. So that’s where we’re at right now.”

Well, well, well Mr Crapp strikes again. We reckon Cassidy is feeling pretty good about dodging that bullet right about now.

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