Taylor Swift has taken her epic Reputation Stadium Tour over to Tokyo! But while most of her performance was said to be insanely good, one moment from the show last night has made the rounds on Twitter showing a major stuff up.

It seems that while performing the song ‘Dress’ for her fans over in Japan, Taylor Swift forgot the lyrics to her own song!

The words that Tay Tay was meant to sing were, “Inescapable, I’m not even gonna try”. But that’s certainly not what came out of her mouth on this occasion!

Instead of singing the words, the ‘Getaway Car’ singer seemed to forget the lyrics and instead just mumbled through the section of the song.


The ironic part about it is that the words literally say, “I’m not even gonna try” and well, that’s exactly what happened. She didn’t even really try to sing the words!

While it was a pretty hilarious blunder, we do understand how much pressure these big artists are under during these performances and she’s certainly not the first star to forget her words!

But we don’t think Tay Tay’s going to worry about her little mistake all too much. We have no doubt that she’ll just “shake it off” and move on!

Hear Tay Tay’s blunder in the video above!

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