“YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN” – Us speaking to ourselves after finding out that Taylor Swift’s new music video is going to be absolutely star studded!

Tay Tay is known for surprising us all with some of the biggest celebrities, who just happen to be her besties, whether it be on stage at her concerts or in her songs (looking at you Brendon Urie).

And so in classic Swifty fashion, it’s no surprise that Taylor’s latest music video is going to do the same.

On Friday Tay basically broke Instagram with a live stream, during which she announced a new song, ‘You Need To Calm Down’ as well as a music video which will premiere tomorrow (Monday in America).

In a post to Instagram today, Taylor has teased an all-star lineup for the video listing a bunch of names including Ellen Degeneres, Adam Rippon, RuPaul, Ciara, Laverne Cox, Ryan Reynolds, Dexter Mayfield, Hanna Hart, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita, Adam Lambert, Todrick Hall, Hayley Kiyoko, Billy Porter, Chester Lockhart and the Queer Eye cast.


While that’s already a mouthful, it appears to be just the tip of the iceberg with the teaser video also saying that even more celebs will feature in the music clip.

‘You Need To Calm Down’ has become a bit of a Gay Anthem since it’s release as it sings about acceptance and is filled with rainbow colours, and so it’s no surprise that the crew Taylor has asked to participate are LGBTQ+ or allies.

Fans also began to theorise about which other celebrities could appear with many thinking Katy Perry could show up after the pair just recently ended their long running feud.


Taylor has since shut down those rumours.

But even without a Tay/Katy partnership, we seriously can’t WAIT for this music video to drop so we can start working out all the easter eggs that are no doubt waiting for us.

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