We’re starting to head towards the pointy end of this season of The Bachelor, and while usually we’d be placing bets on which of the lovely ladies takes out the winning spot of the final rose and the Bachie’s heart, this time round we’re being a bit more cautious and preparing for heartbreak.

Why, you ask? Because even before Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season premiered on TV we began hearing rumours and pieces of gossip that he actually ends up choosing none of the women at the end of the show.

Now of course if you’ve been completely unaware of these rumours you might be thinking, ‘What NONSENSE!’ because obviously it sure looks like he’s going to be asking either Brittany or Brooke to be his proper GF in the final episode, we actually have our own evidence.

And no we’re not talking about some blurry images of The Honey Badger with some random chick or a quote from an unidentified source! Our suspicions come straight from Nick’s mouth after he addressed the rumours with Kyle and Jackie O a few weeks ago.

When Nick came on the show, one of our listeners asked him about the rumour straight out saying, “I read an article the other day, a bit of a rumour, that you don’t actually pick anyone at the end of the show and you wanted to move back to be with your ex-girlfriend.”

Now of course Nick didn’t actually stick up his hand and go, ‘Yep okay you caught me, it’s true’, but he did appear to get VERY flustered by the question and his answer was…shall we say, sketchy.

“That’s a beauty…What I can say is um, is not a lot, but I’m bloody happy alright,” he said with a nervous grin. “I’m very happy so take what you will.”


Well Nick what we take is that you don’t bloody choose anyone!! And so when we had the latest evictee from the mansion, or well the latest chick to choose to leave, Tenille in this morning, we decided to ask her about the rumour.

“Jackie swears on anything that Nick doesn’t end up with anyone, she’s convinced,” said Beau Ryan, who was filling in for Kyle this morning.

Now before Beau could even direct his comment into a question Tenille jumped in and abruptly said, “Where’s your evidence Jacks?”.


Jackie went on to explain the interaction that she had had with The Bachelor the last time he was in studio and how it definitely made it seem like the rumours were true.

“If he did pick someone I feel like he’d say, ‘No that rumour’s not true I do pick someone’. Don’t you reckon?”, she asked.

Well we agree with Jackie, but Tenille was quick to come to Nick’s defence, saying that his answer could have been a ruse to keep everyone off the scent of who really wins.

“Well, I don’t know, he could be really good at keeping you off the trail though,” she said. “He could just be messing with your head one hundred per cent.”

So it seems Tenille is still convinced that one of the remaining girls does end up with Nick in the end. As for who she thinks that is, her bet is definitely on one of the front runners.

“Who do you think he’d pick if he does pick someone Tenille?” asked Jackie.


“I change my mind every episode because we honestly don’t know what happens,” she began. “I’m feeling Brit!”

Well we hope you’re right Tenille! But we guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the season comes to an end in the next few weeks.

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