The last time we saw our most recent Bachelor Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins and Brittany Hockley with each other things were pretty intense and it looks like nothings changed.

Just a few short months ago, Nick brutally dumped Brittany, as well as the other Bachelor finalist Sophie Tieman, leaving her heartbroken, confused and downright angry at the fact that after the Bachelor journey he had decided to choose no one.

And after coming face to face at the Iconic Swim Show on Thursday, for the first time since he sent her packing, it appeared that all had not been forgiven.

Despite the fact that Nick and Brittany claim there is no bad blood between them, the pair were seen at the event in what has been described by a source as a ‘heated discussion’.

According to the Daily Mail, a witness claimed that the mood between them appeared tense as they were pictured locked in a deep conversation at the event. You can see the pictures here.


“Nick was throwing his arms around and Britt yelling back at him,” the source allegedly said to Daily Mail Australia.

The source continued to say that The Honey Badger’s conversation with Brit couldn’t be heard over the loud music but it definitely looked like some sort of argument.

“They seemed to be having a heated discussion. The music was too loud to hear the conversation but they seemed to be in a deep discussion,” the source continued.

In images obtained by Daily Mail, Nick and Brittany have tense looks on their faces while Nick can be seen waving his arm about.


Brittany has since commented on the meeting, telling Daily Mail that while this was the first time she had seen her former flame since he dumped her in New Caledonia earlier this year, there was no bad blood between them.

“We’re on really good terms. We didn’t leave on bad terms,” she said. “This is the first time I’ve seen Nick.

“Just because two people aren’t meant to be together, doesn’t mean there’s any negativity”, Brit continued. “It was really nice to say hello and catch up.”

Fellow dumpee Cass Wood was also at the event last Thursday and in an Instagram story, Brittany posted a video over herself, Cass and Nick all sharing a drink together.


“Beautiful day to catch up with some old friends,” Brittany was heard saying in the video.

This comes after Brittany appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show following the airing of Nick’s disappointing season finale, revealing exclusively off the air that Nick had messaged her family before she could even tell them that things hadn’t worked out. And she wasn’t really happy about it.

So we’re getting some kind of mixed messages here about whether the pair are actually on good terms or not… We’ll let you make up your own mind on that one.