It’s been almost two weeks now since the shocking Bachelor finale which saw Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins dump both of the final two girls claiming that he wasn’t ready to commit wholeheartedly to both of them.

The next day, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to the top two girls, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley and they got LOTS of juicy information out of them about the show both on the air and when the mics were turned off. And these off air tidbits were exposed this morning.

The Bachelor BOMBSHELL Brittany Revealed To Kyle And Jackie O Off Air 

While it might be well and truly time for us to let this controversial season of The Bachelor pass, the subject was brought up once again today after Nick cancelled all of his upcoming press, apart from an interview with The Project last night.

During the interview with Lisa Wilkinson, Nick Cummins told her that he had contacted the girls after the show personally to make sure they were doing okay.

“This is the thing that people don’t really get. So six months ago when the show finished filming, in that same week I contacted both those two girls and to see if they were okay,” said Nick as the studio audience applauded him.


“Because I know how intense it was. You saw it only a few days ago, the finale. But it was bloody intense emotionally, physically, neatly, spiritually, everything. I was very drained and I know they went through the exact same thing so I called them.

“She’s a human being. They both are. I want to make sure they’re all good and I asked them, I still even now, I said, ‘If you need me, if you need to call me, to ask me a question, to get something off your chest, I’m here.’”

Well at least, that was the Honey Badger’s side to the story.

Kyle and Jackie O decided to play the off-air audio that they had with Sophie and Brittany from when they were in studio because they addressed the fact that Nick had contacted them. Although their version of events was VERY different.

“That’s not the vibe I got when the girls came in here,” said Kyle after listening to Nick’s audio.

Jackie went on to explain that the girls had told them that Nick had message Sophie but not Brittany. Instead, he had messaged Brittany’s brother before she had even had a chance to tell her family that Nick had chosen neither of the girls before playing the off-air audio.


“He wanted to reach out and make sure everyone was okay. For some reason he didn’t want to do it to me directly,” said Brittany to Kyle and Jackie.

“I said, Are you going to contact Brittany? You should be contacting her’, and he said I just worry that because you [Brittany] had a rough trot last time with your last relationship,” added Sophie.

“Oh this is the other thing that made me angry, I wasn’t going to tell my family the ending. I hadn’t even gotten home from New Caledonia and he had messaged my family being like, ‘Sorry, didn’t work out. Look after Brit’…Tell your dad sorry he has to pick up the pieces,” revealed Brittany.

No wonder Brittany and Sophie were so frustrated for so long after the finale was filmed! That’s crazy!

Of course, this was a week or so ago and hopefully all anger towards Nick has subsided by now. Especially seeing as we’ve heard this morning that he has been really struggling with the media scrutiny.

But seriously, that’s the last thing we write about Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor we promise!! (Sort of…we just can’t get enough lol)