For our latest Bachelor Nick Cummins, the rumour mill started churning about him as soon as the season started and TBH it got pretty crazy at times.

But for our latest Bachelorette Ali Oetjen, the whispers and gossip has been surrounding her long before she took on the leading role in the reality dating show; mostly regarding the messiness of her last relationship.

Speaking with Jackie and Beau Ryan this morning Ali finally addressed the rumours that her ex Grant Kemp had been spreading about her, claiming that she had cheated on him.

“Okay, we’ll address that elephant in the room,” said Jackie at the beginning of the interview.

“There’s a lot of things going around,” replied Ali.


You may remember a few months ago now that it seemed like Ali had found love after appearing on Bachelor In Paradise and leaving the show in a relationship with a previous contestant from the American series of The Bachelorette, Grant Kemp.

However, soon after the show finished airing and only a few days after Ali moved to America to be with Grant, the pair split and it first it was not really explained why.

The rumour mill of course started churning, and at first it was believed that Ali had been scared away from the relationship after Grant allegedly asked her for a threesome.

However, in an explosive interview, Grant later revealed to Kyle and Jackie O in graphic detail that Ali had allegedly cheated on him. If you missed that interview you can read about it here.


Ali never really addressed these rumours, despite the fact that they tainted her image quite massively, and so Beau and Jackie decided to ask her during the interview this morning whether there was any truth to them.

“So is there any truth behind, like especially the detail that people went into about you, like on the stairwell part, like what happened?” asked Beau.

Ali went on to say that everyone has a past but she doesn’t think that this is anyone’s business and shouldn’t be made public, especially in the way that Grant made her’s public.

“I think everyone has a past, and I’ve chosen not to address it or, I don’t want to give it any oxygen because it’s private and I thought it would stay in that relationship,” revealed Ali.

“But obviously he wants to ride this wave with me and he’s making themes of it so good on him.”

Ali went on to reveal that she first heard that Grant had gone public through her publicist while she was home in South Australia. She told us that it had devastated her.


“Of course I’ve been upset, like very upset. For people to say those nasty things about you and for it to be all open to everyone’s opinion, it’s really hard.”

“That’s why I haven’t come out with my side of the story either,” continued Ali. “That’d just be retaliating hate with hate…and he’s ready to just retaliate with anything.”

While Ali hadn’t felt the need to give the rumours the time of day on the outside, she did confirm that the rumours were addressed in the Bachelorette mansion after some of the guys were gossiping.

“I think, as you said, it’s like the elephant in the room,” confirmed Ali. “I forgot how it happens, but it happens.”

Finally, a listener asked Ali if the shoe had been on the other foot, and she had caught Grant cheating on her, would she have gone public with the information.

Ali told us that that’s just not in her nature to do something like that.


“I wouldn’t speak badly about anyone,” revealed Ali. “That is the angle that I take on life and I’m serious, I don’t like to speak badly about anyone because I hate it done to me.”

Ali Said She Would Never Speak Badly About An Ex, Even If They Had Cheated On Her

Ali’s season of The Bachelorette kicks off tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.