Love her or leave her, Bachelorette Ali Oetjen isn’t taking any crap from her potential suitors this season. 

And that was on fine display last night when she told Charlie Newling to pack his bags after he tried out an ultimatum. 

In a super awkward exchange, Charlie attempted to make Ali say yes to an exclusive relationship.

Uh, Charlie, did you not get the memo, mate? You’re on the Bachelorette and you’re not even in the final two. 

Completely unwilling to play the game, Newling also refused to let Ali meet any of his family or friends on the home visit. 

So this bloke really has just gone rogue. 

Ali’s response? 


“Okay leave. Take care. Be okay. Know that I’ll be thinking of you,” she said. 

The real clincher?

One final, cold, throw away “bye”. 

Now we understand a little more why Charlie seemingly had zero regard for his Network Ten contract, being spotted getting cosy out in public with a former Bachie contestant from Nick Cummins season.

And Charlie’s been quick this morning to open up about his new relationship… #rebound


Osher Gunsberg is totally here for a Bachelorette like Ali Oetjen standing up for herself and not letting men dictate how she should be treated. 

“Watching Ali have this experience – I’m finding it really fascinating, I’ve known her for awhile,” he told us in an exclusive chat.

“I’m loving watching her do things I’ve never seen her do before – I’m loving watching her stand up for herself.

“I’m loving watching her really challenge her old habits.”

While Ali has even admitted herself that she falls in love quickly, last night’s episode wasn’t the first time we saw her flip the switch and make clear that she wont stand for nonsense. 

Earlier in the season Ali called out a few of the boys in the Bachelor Mansion for circulating rumours about her past relationship with Bachelor In Paradise contestant Grant Kemp.


“You are going to expect more of Ali being forthright and she’s got a spring in her step in making sure that she’s got a strong opinion of what’s okay for her, and what’s okay for the way that people speak to her and what people say about her,” Osher continued. 

“I for one am really grateful for that, because you can’t be what you can’t see – and we are showing a powerful, successful, young, independent woman on camera saying to a guy ‘no it’s not okay for you to say that stuff about me’.

“For me I’m just really grateful that Ali is in this new frame of mind and that we get to show that for the general good.”

So now we’re down to three… Will it be Todd, Bill or Taite that receives the final rose? 

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