Last night on The Bachelorette Australia, Ali Oetjen appeared to finally get fed up with being called fit as f*ck as she told our resident Pom, Paddy, to jog on during the rose ceremony.

And straight off the back of his rejection, Paddy appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to give us the inside goss on this season and all of the drama that’s been surrounding it…such as how multiple contestants have been spotted getting cosy with other women.

The Bachelorette’s Paddy Chats About Charlie’s ‘Breakup’ With Ali Oetjen Now He’s Allegedly Dating Dasha

Kyle asked Paddy whether he had been dating anyone since being dumped by Ali Oetjen, but he said that he hadn’t because he wanted to avoid the headlines.

“Nah mate, I’ve been laying low to be honest,” said Paddy. “The last thing I need is another article coming out for the wrong reasons. I’ve got about sixteen out there.”


But as we all should know by now, some of Paddy’s cast mates have not taken the same approach…

One in particular who’s been saying a massive ‘screw you’ to his Network Ten contract is Charlie, who has been spotted on multiple dates despite still being a front runner on the show and appearing to be madly in love with Ali.

Charlie was photographed getting cuddly with a girl who is no stranger to the reality TV spotlight, Dasha from Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor.

Of course, this led all of us to believe that Charlie clearly doesn’t end up with Ali in the end, but it also left us wondering, what on earth happens between Ali and Charlie? From what we’re seeing on TV, they’re totally digging each other!


And so Kyle and Jackie decided to check in with Paddy to see if he had any insider information about the situation.

“Well Charlie hasn’t stuck to his contract because he’s been seen out with another reality show contestant,” said Jackie. “So what’s the go there?”

“Yeah I know. Honestly I talk to Charlie every day,” answered Paddy. “I don’t really know what his tactic was there.”

Okay so clearly if Paddy is talking to Charlie every single day he knows exactly what went down between him and Ali! But from here he started to kind of back peddle as he realised he’d probably get in trouble for spilling show secrets.


“Well if you’re talking to him everyday you’d at least slip that in to the convo somewhere,” said Kyle.

“I said, ‘What are you doing’…I don’t know what’s going to happen between um, them guys but um, he’s on the show you know, he should’ve thought about it,” continued Paddy. “But it is what it is.”

Hmm well we think we can all work out what happens Paddy…She clearly dumps his ass! And he gets so pissed off that he decides to date publicly just to spite the show…

And seriously, based off recent rumours, now we don’t even know if Ali ends up with any of the guys!

The Bachelorette continues on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on Channel 10. 

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