The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield has called out an anonymous troll who labelled her ‘Flabby Abbie’ and all we can say is: YES GIRL.

Abbie absolutely SHUT DOWN the troll on her Instagram account last night and honestly, power to you girl.

*insert all the claps*

Abbie began:

“It’s been over a year of being in the media to a certain degree and comments like these only get a tiiiiny bit easier. Yes, they’re laughable. Yes, our value doesn’t come from our weight and yes, being “fat” shouldn’t even be a bad word BUT it still sucks.

She continued:

“It gets exhausting and I just want it to stop. I want it to stop for me, but also for people who read these comments and think it’s the norm. Speaking about women as objects, analysing their weight and saying you would “take them for a ride” is especially repugnant. Saying all I need to do is stay the “correct” weight is… fucked? It implies that to have worth I need to stay thin, and that my value exists only when I fit into a standard of beauty that is not realistic.”


“Right now I have put on weight (hellllooooooo uber eats for every meal for 2 weeks) and tbh am struggling to look in the mirror naked, throwing on a towel before I have chance to see myself, I feel like we’ve all been there? I’m actively trying to not suck my stomach in constantly because my lower back pain is out of control from trying to contort my body 24/7 to be more “appealing”. Seeing comments like this about my body constantly just make me feel defeated. It isn’t fair that this is the societal norm, and I am really struggling with my body at the moment so it’s just kicking me while I’m down.”

Her parting line is absolutely fire:

“BUT what do I do when I feel insecure? Post the insecurities here so you can all see! Huge GRRR energy.”


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