The Bachelor’s Tim Robards has successfully turned his guest stint on Ramsay Street into a permanent role after making his Neighbours debut in October last year. 

“I’m so excited,” the budding actor told The Daily Telegraph. “It means I didn’t totally crash and burn my first major acting role,” he added.

“When I first started on set [it was] like the first few seconds of jumping out of a plane – you forget to breathe while everything is coming at you 100 miles an hour.”

The news comes after a psychic told the 44-year-old, who’s always dreamed of a career in acting, that he was destined to become a Hollywood star. 

“First thing they said when I went in there was like, ‘right you’re gonna be acting. Just go right, make it happen, commit to it.’ And that’s sort of how it came about!” he revealed. 


Tim Robards rose to fame in Australia’s very first season of The Bachelor where he fell in love with his now-wife Anna Heinrich. 

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