Channel Nine’s The Block is the latest show to be impacted by the corona virus pandemic.

The construction series was 35 days into it’s 90 day schedule when they were forced to put it on hold.

“The current production of The Block brought five teams from across Australia to Melbourne to compete in its 16th season,” a Channel Nine spokesperson told TV Blackbox.

“Due to increasing travel bans, border shutdowns and additional measures, The Block has made the decision to suspend filming and send contestants home, while it is still possible to do so.”

They added that tradespeople are still working at the site in Melbourne’s Brighton.

“Separately from contestants, The Block employs many tradespeople and freelancers, who rely on income earned from The Block for a living.

The Block remains an active construction site with tradespeople, who live locally, completing building works that provide the framework of some homes.


“The Block looks forward to returning contestants back to Melbourne and resuming production when practicable to do so.”

The Age reports that there are around 75-80 people on the set of the show however to date, no one has been tested for corona virus because no on has displayed any symptoms.

The Block is set to air on Nine later this year.