Married at First Sight fans have put Mishel on blast after the latest dinner party episode because of the way she conducted hefself finding out that Steve was not attracted to her.

Which by the way, to be the devil’s advocate, IS REALLY HARD NEWS TO SWALLOW. 

Especially since she’s somehow developed feelings for him, even though HE CAN BE SO MEAN (I don’t understand those two).

They are such a dysfunctional couple and it honestly feels like they argue more than they talk but Wednesday’s episode was horrendous, taking it to new levels.

Forget #toothbrushgate… actually wait, we literally can’t forget about that.

Fighting in the car on the way to the dinner party, well they weren’t fighting as much as Mishel verbally abusing Steve and yes we’ll call it abuse because it was disgusting.


“I am seriously so done with you, you are top-level piece of s***! Don’t even come near me tonight, seriously, you will lose your other f****** ball!”

Steve fought TESTICULAR CANCER 8 years ago, so that was an obscenely disgusting low-blow no matter what was said. 

There are so many things wrong with what went down. 

Firstly, she’s reacting to being rejected so in my eyes, as brutal as that is, it’s still not good enough. Hurt pride isn’t a good enough reason to say what she said. 

Secondly after saying “Don’t even come near me tonight, seriously…” she proceeded to approach him and pick a fight that led to him storming out of the studio.