Miley Cyrus has a thing for Aussie boys, she’s been very open about said ‘thing’ but after her last two relationships maybe she wants a little break for the men down under.

Cyrus sat down with English station Heart FM to play ‘Would You Rather’ and stating Justin Bieber was “like family”, she had a little something to say about our sweet little Harry Styles.

“Harry, Justin Bieber I’ve known for way too long, it’s like family. Harry Styles, he’s looking really good,” She said and she’s not wrong, Harry’s come a LONG way since his dorky little One Direction days, the man has really grown into his style.

Speaking of style, we all know Miley’s is a little eclectic… just a tad.

These two would look absolutely iconic together, I will die on this hill.


“We have very similar taste. Sharing a closet, sharing a life together, it just makes sense,” she said.

The interviewer obviously wholeheartedly agreed because he then followed up by promising to hook the two up.

“If you want me to hit you up, I’m pretty good at it, and I know Harry so I can make it happen,” he said.

“I think I need to play cupid on this one because I think you’d make a great couple, we’d all love it. Just leave it with me and see what I can do.”


Please make it happen!




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