Australian tech company Unbnd has today revealed a new mobile app – Missing in Action (MIA) – that will allow Australian basketball fans to view the NBA in mixed reality.

With more and more sports fans choosing to watch sports via a live stream, rather than traditional broadcast television, it’s one of the first instances of a major sporting competition significantly altering the viewing experience for their sport on a live streaming platform.

The app launched with a number of main features, the main two being at least six live NBA games per week and NBA TV – which will feature NBA TV content including panel shows and replays 24/7.

While watching an NBA game, you’ll be able to explore a range of augmented reality features too, including a customisable live stats, analytics and the standings.

It’s unclear at this stage as to which games will be available as part of the six-per-week offering. However, it’s highly likely the focus will be on teams featuring the big superstars, as well as the ten Australian players currently on NBA rosters.

Antony Arena, Unbnd’s founder, explained the app’s offerings wouldn’t just stop there, however, with several more featured to be added over time.

“I couldn’t be more excited to give NBA fans the opportunity to experience the game in a new and immersive way through their mobile,” said the said self-confessed ‘life-long NBA fan’.


“On top of streaming the game live and on-demand with stats, in our roadmap MIA will soon also offer users access to merchandise, fantasy, social and other features all in the one digital environment – giving users access to a breadth of related content like never before.”

A subscription to the app will set you back just $6.95 per month, offering good value for fans keen on watching a healthy dose of basketball action but who don’t have the time to sit down in front of the NBA for hours on end each and every day.

MIA is offering a 14-day free trial for all new customers to try it out now the 2019-20 season is up and running. The app is exclusive to users in Australia and Singapore, and runs on iOS and Android devices*.

*iOS7+ and Android S7+ models only.


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