Oh yes. It’s happening. Uber Air is ready to launch!

With a brand new aircraft design that has the launch attributes of a helicopter and the flying propellers of a plane. Crazy!!

Jodie Auster of Uber says that the aircrafts will piloted initially, as well as being electric .

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority will be overseeing all safety aspects including aircraft design and a safe air space.

The rideshare giant will be launching a trial of this new way of travel in cities around the world next year, including Los Angeles, Dallas and Melbourne.

Telstra and Westfield have both joined forces with Uber, with the company looking at using Westfield Shopping centres as potential landing pads!

“Uber is banking on travel time being it’s greatest attraction,” Channel 7 reports.


Damn, the future really is closer than you think. Flying cars and all.

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