Fans of the iconic sitcom ‘The Golden Girls’ are sure to remember the gorgeous home of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia. What if we told you that you could buy it?

While the interior shots were filmed inside a studio, the property used for the show’s exterior settings (i.e. establishing shots) is on the market for the first time, with an asking price of USD $2,999,000.

Located in the affluent Los Angeles neighbourhood of Brentwood, the four-bedroom house was used as the fictional residence of 6151 Richmond Street in Miami, home to none other than the four central characters.


The one-story home was built in 1955 by David Noble Barry III and his wife, Margaret Carr Barry, who lived there until they passed away in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Producers of the show were immediately interested in the house due to the lush greenery surrounding it, and the fact that it could pass as a property in Miami.

While shots of the house were only used in the first season, Disney’s Hollywood Studios built an exact replica of the home for the following seasons.

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