The next season of The Bachelor kicks off next week and it’s set to be one of the best seasons yet! Not only because the Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins is headlining the show but because one MASSIVE game changer is coming and it’s going to make for some incredible TV.

You know how all of us Aussies are constantly complaining that the one thing missing from our version of the Bachelor is the fantasy suites that they have on the American series? Well we’re calling it now, this addition is going to be even BETTER than any old sleepover in a hotel room.

Osher Gunsberg, the host of the reality show and the one who always has to deliver the disappointing news to the women when they don’t receive a rose, spoke to Kyle and Jackie O this morning and told them that he had an ecxlusive about the upcoming season.

“There’s something we’ve done on this season that we’ve never done before,” said Osher.

In fact this new addition is something even the American Bachelor hasn’t attempted! Osh went on to explain that this new feature represents a massive moment of trust between the Bachelor and one of his many girlfriends. But in our minds all we can think about is the DRAMA it’s going to create!

To explain the exciting news, Osher asked Kyle and Jack to think back to the moment in their relationship when their partner first offered them a key to their place and how significant that moment was.

“Where I’m going with this is, on the first night, Nick The Honey Badger, our Bachelor, gives one of the girls a key to his bachelor pad and she’s allowed to visit any time she wants,” continued Osher.



Forget having the top three spend the night with the Bachelor in the fantasy suite at the end of the series; one chick out of the bunch is going to be able to hang out at the Honey Badger’s humble abode at any time of any day!!

Just imagine the amazing television this is going to create! Not only will the other girls whinge and lose their minds when they aren’t chosen for the special key, but just imagine if the girl that he does choose is a stage five clinger?! Jackie clearly had the same thought.

“I hope he gives it to someone he doesn’t realise is a bit of a psycho and then she just keeps visiting him constantly,” said Jackie. “Please tell me that happens?”

Or you know if you’re not evil like us you might be hoping that the woman Nick choses to get the key to his pad also wins the key to his heart but whatever it’s still going to be amazing!

Well we’re certainly hooked on the show already! The Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor starts next Wednesday August 15 at 7:30pm on Ten. Bring on the roses (and the drama).

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