The Hunting
is a show that is set to spark conversations right around Australia.

It’s a 4 part series that follows the events of High School teachers discovering that their students have been sharing explicit photos with each other, and discussing the appropriate consequences needed.

Consultant for the show, Dr Tessa Opie, joined the 3PM Pick Up to share her experience, and offer advice when it comes to kids sharing their explicit photos.

“One of the things that sort of kicks off the show is a boy and a girl, they like each other,” Yumi explained.

“They’re sweet to each other, they’re respectful, they’re kind of sexy-flirting, and part of that is sending a sexy pic.

“Its really quite lovingly done, but as you see with the story, a sexy pic can kind of be shared and its sort of the consequences of that.


“I guess the question is, sending nude or sexy pictures is really common. How do we discourage our kids from doing it?

Dr Opie responded truthfully, by saying “I don’t think that we can necessarily stop many of them.”

“And my fear, sometimes as parents is that when we’re really busy, trying to discourage our young from engaging, in any behaviour, we’re missing a really valuable opportunity to educate them instead.

Monty expressed her concerns for her own children as well, by saying: “I’ve got a seven-year-old and a five-year-old, I feel like I’m worlds away from this so god knows what’s going to be available then.

“When they’re at the age where they’re like ‘yeah, I’m going to send a DP to somebody, that sounds like a good idea’ – WHICH IS A TERRIBLE IDEA!

“But when you say educate them because kids are going to do it whether we like it or not.


“They are.” Dr Opie replied.

“Do you suggest things like ‘Don’t have your head in the picture if you’re going to do it’?”

“Absolutely! Absolutely!” Dr Opie went on to exclaim.

“And I love hearing people say that, I always say that you’re better off with a harm reduction approach because zero tolerance will not. And I think that if you are worried about your intimate image being distributed without your consent, then I always say to young people, no faces, no birthmarks, no tattoos nothing identifiable that can be linked back to you.”

You can listen to the full interview above.

The Hunting premieres tonight at 8:30 on SBS.




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