Love Island is the reality show that everybody can’t stop watching at the moment, with one of the main reasons likely being that they’re able to show some more proactive stuff than most shows. Or at least so we thought.

While we’re constantly seeing couples making out, swearing and getting almost stark naked on screen, we’ve just learned that one of the big blow ups between two contestants was actually cut from the show.

And apparently it all went down between the two contestants that were eliminated in Thursday night’s episode, the two male models and so called friends in the real world Justin and Elias. (Yep it’s like real life Zoolander come to life…Zoolander Vs Hansel)

The fight is all said to have gone down when the boys were having a DnM on the beach and Elias decided to tell Justin the cold, hard truth. He said that the reason Justin hadn’t formed a connection with any of the girls was because he was too “camp” and acted slightly feminine.

We were of course surprised that Justin didn’t arc up a bit more at this comment, especially when he doesn’t usually take criticism well. But apparently a fight did actually break out, we just didn’t see it!!


Elias spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning and he explained what really happened. He said that the only reason he said something to Justin was because he thought it was his duty as a friend to be straight with him.

“I think he was a bit upset with what I said,” he revealed. “I didn’t really want to piss in his pocket like everyone else was doing…The question kept being risen and I just really wanted to tell him as a friend.”

But clearly Justin didn’t take it well if the producers felt the need to actually cut his entire reaction from the show. Kyle and Jackie wanted to know more details. How bad was the fight? Was there a punch on?

“It wasn’t so much a punch on or anything like that,” said Elias. “He just needed some time I think to, just to push past it, and I think within a week or so we’ll be having beers together and it won’t be a big deal.”

So it leads us to question, if something as simple as a few strong words between two guys doesn’t make it to air, what else has been cut from the show? What aren’t you showing us Love Island?!

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