Bec and Chris Judd have been married for 10 years now and share four beautiful children, but things could have turned out VERY differently!

It turns out that something happened very early on in their relationship that actually almost broke them up before things even really began!

Bec had almost forgotten about the incident until the began watching a new series called ‘Normal People’ on Stan which had one pretty emotional scene that reminded her about her own relationship tiff!

Speaking on the 3PM Pick Up with cohost Monty Dimond, Bec explained that her and Juddy had only been dating for a short time when he did something that really upset her.

“I was watching it the other day with my husband and there’s this one bit in the show that brought back so many memories that I’d actually forgotten about,” Bec explained.


The scene in question involves the main character Connell telling his love interest Marianne that he’s seeing someone else.

“Do you know what? This actually happened to me,” Bec continued. “It reminded me of when Juddy and I were first hooking up when we were, I think about 19, we had only been hooking up for a little bit.

“He had this event to go to and I wasn’t really expecting to be invited to that event because we’d only just got together. But I wasn’t expecting him to invite his ex girlfriend! Instead of me!”

Bec said that right before the event, Chris told her that he was going to take his ex as his date, saying that she’d already bought a dress for it. She was understandably upset by the incident, as anyone would be, and it almost broke them up then and there.


“I was like Marianne, I was heartbroken,” she said. “And it totally set us back I reckon another five or six months. So him and I were on-and-off for 18 months because none of us could actually tell each other what we were really thinking, even though we were mad for each other.”

But wait, there’s more.

Bec told Monty that after watching the scene, she paused the show to chat to her now hubby about the moment all those years ago and that’s when she found out the real reason why he didn’t ask her to the event!

“I paused it to talk to him about it the other night and I was like, ‘This was like when you didn’t invite me to that event and you invited your ex-girlfriend,” Bec said mimicking tears.

“He goes, ‘Mate, she already had the dress, plus, I didn’t invite you because you were hooking up with this other guy’. I was like, ‘No, I never ever, ever hooked up with that guy. For real. I swear on my children’s lives’.

“He’d been told this rumour and believed it, so then that’s why he invited his ex! So all of these untold, unsaid things, these assumptions that didn’t even happen, almost tore us apart before we got together.”


And all it took was a TV show 18-years later for Bec and Juddy to finally open up about the moment that almost caused them to split up and resolve it!

Looks like the lesson here is to always, ALWAYS talk about what’s on your mind! Just imagine if a rumour really had split up this power couple!

Hear more in the podcast below!

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